Adam Zekkani


Live Cards

A contact/information digital business card platform stored on the cloud.

My First App

In 2020 I made my very first mobile app, NFScan. It was supposed to be a contact sharing app, made to change the future. I had built websites and small UI applications in Python, but nothing made for mobile. It was a huge struggle at the beginning as NFScan was essentially a more complicated Contact app, but due to my undeveloped coding skills, I didnt know how to persist data, edit data, or even display data in a list. I slowly got the hang of it from online tutorials, but it was not in any stretch of the imagination a functional app. It had many bugs, UI flaws, and overal the opposite of user-friendlyness.

Forcing an App

Due to the amount of hours I spent developing the app, I spent a year trying to make it work. I promoted it on social media, shared with family, and even payed for online adertisments. While I was despirately trying to keep my app alive (if it even was to begin with) I saw that others had created companies and had already launched digital business cards with improved capabilities. This led me to stop developing the app entirely as I realized beginning my coding journey with the app was not the right idea.

Live Cards - Revamp

I spent the majority of 2021 improving my coding skills and making other applications. This was very helpful and with my new found knowledge I revamped NFScan into Live Cards. Live Cards was hosted on Firebase and was created significanly faster than NFScan. The only road block I ran into now was there was no demand, the companies had beaten me in the race and had already established their own contact sharing capabilities. The final nail in the coffin which led me to shutdown and move to a new project was when Apple released the iPhone contact sharing feature using the NFCs. I realized that while it was a great idea, my basic coding knowledge impacted the overal performance of the app, which led to its overal failure.


Despite the bitter ending of this idea, I learned a lot by going through this journey. I learned about iOS and Android development, in app purchases, persistent data, cloud storage, and much more. I have been able to spread this new found knowledge to my other projects, and i'm forever thankful that I started NFScan as it has taught me a great deal.